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We Are Available For 1:1 & Video Consultations

To Assess & Treat A Range Of Musculoskeletal Conditions,

Such As:

·      Rotator Cuff Injuries

·      Tennis Elbow

·      Hip & Back Pain

·      Ligament injuries

·      Muscle Strains

·      & More

We Offer You An Individualised Rehabilitation

·      Programme By Utilising 

·      Exercise Prescription

·      Acupuncture

·      Sports & Kinesiology Taping

·      & More​

Do Not Heistate To Contact Us

To Start Your Rehab Journey


Injury Assessment & Treatment

Book in for an assessment & treatment of your injury, to start your rehab journey back to doing what you love. 

We'll discuss your injury, treat the injury using a variety of skills, such as acupuncture,  & provide you with a personalised rehab plan post session to continue to treat the injury.

We'll then check in with you post session to see how you're getting on, progress your rehab programme, and/or organise a follow up session if required.


Sports Performance Testing

Think one side is stronger than the other? Why not find out!

The Forcedeck Sport Performance Testing will measure your overall & maximal strength & power for the lower body & upper body, the side to side differences for each of those to truly know which is your dominant side.

The Forcedeck testing is available and beneficial for everyone, however if you are an athlete looking to Improve your athletic performance, then the Forcedecks will provide you with objective data that can help to track how well your body is adapting to your training.


Completing the test initially and then re-testing after 8 to 12 weeks later will help to improve your understanding at how effective your training has been.


Sports Massage

Get ahead of your aches & niggles by booking yourself in for a sports massage.

Whether you're promoting recovery due to your training routine, fancy treating yourself, or relaxing, the sports massage is for you. 

The sports massage will include hands on & instrument assisted massage techniques to find the right pressure for you.

Weight Training


(Training to reduce the risk of injury)

'Prevention is better than the cure' is definitely a saying we agree with!

Before acquiring an injury, do your best to prevent it by utilising our personal training session services. A significant amount of research suggests that increased strength will reduce your risk of injuries.

1 to 1 sessions catered to your fitness needs.

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