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Sports Performance Testing

Why guess when you can test?

  • 1 hour
  • 75 British pounds
  • Bloodline Gym

Service Details

Sports performance testing will assess and measure your maximal strength and power as well as the side to side difference in your strength and power so you can truly find out which is your dominant side! The testing is available for both your lower body and upper body so you can have a good overall picture of how your body is performing. Using state-of-the-art equipment, Forcedecks will help to reduce your potential injury risk by highlighting a symmetries between left and right, assess how much force is produced when jumping and landing, and how well you utilise the strength you have. The testing will provide live feedback during the session on the iPad to view the results in real time, however you will also be provided with an individualised report after the session with advice on how to correct any a symmetries detected and weather your training should have move a strength based focused or a power based focused. The Forcedeck testing is available and beneficial for everyone, however if you are an athlete looking to Improve your athletic performance, then the Forcedecks will provide you with objective data that can help to track how well your body is adapting to your training. Completing the test initially and then re-testing 8 to 12 weeks later will help to improve your understanding at how effective your training has been. The forcedecks can also be a great tool after returning from an injury, as it helps to compare the strength and power differences between each side. If you have completed a sports performance test prior to injury, your new results can be compared to the old test, to help guide what needs to be done to return back to your previous scores.

Contact Details

  • 156 Lower Clapton Road, London, UK

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